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Connecting with people to build relationships and share Jesus.
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Life is best lived in the company of people that genuinely care. Build loving relationships in a loving community.

“My friends, when you meet to worship, you must do everything for the good of everyone there. That’s how it should be when someone sings or teaches or tells what God has said or speaks an unknown language or explains what the language means.”

(1 Corinthians 14:26)

Our Connect Groups are an integral part of the life and health of the church. They enable us to be effective, powerful and fruitful witnesses in the world. Simply put: If we can’t do it in cells, we don’t do it!

What is a Connect Group?

A Connect Group is a small group of people who are committed to building one another in the Lord and to reaching out to non-Christian friends and family.

They meet together weekly and maintain contact with each other throughout the week. Simply put: it is just like a large extended family and is comparable to the cells in a human body. Cells provide protection, communication, life, sustenance etc. The Connect group is there for the growth, protection, edification, acceptance, support and communication of its members.

Connect Groups are the ideal place for you to grow as a Christian and experience God’s love and power. If you are interested in finding out more, why not click on the above picture, register our interest and search through the groups. You will also find lots of other types of groups as well but click now and explore the world of Destiny Church small groups.